Building high-throughput biofoundries

The establishment of increasingly high-throughput ‘Biofoundries’ (‘gene foundries’) to perform the relevant DBTL cycles not only speeds up (and reduces the cost of) identifying and optimising solutions, but generates opportunities for the application of machine learning and AI to further assist the process and to explore a much greater range of design space than would otherwise be feasible.
We have established an automated, high-throughput cell factory construction platform, and realized a high-throughput, digital and standardized strain design, synthesis, and testing technology system.

Vertexyn high-throughput biosynthetic innovation platform

  Established a platform with robotic arms and microplate handling tools, large-capacity automatic cell culture incubators and plate storage of compound libraries, non-contact ultrasonic pipetting systems (Echo), automatic dispensers, multi-layer micropipettes and related supporting equipments.

  Flow cytometry-based FACS analyzes multiple parameters of individual cells and sort target populations in multiple ways rapidly, which allows for high-purity and high-throughput screening of target cells. The microfluidic flow sorting technology (FADS), which combines microfluidics and cell sorting, breaks the limitations of traditional FACS and microfluidic technology, has more effective identification and separation efficiency.

  With machine learning algorithm, real-time analysis and modeling, multi-parameter and multi-objective overall optimization can be carried out at the same time in our fully automatic and intelligent multi-parallel bioreactor system, which greatly improving the efficiency of fermentation process optimization. 

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