The government delegation of Pei County Jiangsu Province visited Vertexyn (Xuzhou) Bioworks

发布于: 2021-11-15 16:28

On October 30, 2021, the " Vertexyn (Xuzhou) Bioworks green intelligent manufacturing phase I" project welcomed the presence of leaders at all levels of the county government. Wu Hao, secretary of the county party committee of Pei County, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, and Suo Xiangdong, deputy secretary of the county Party committee, visited the Vertexyn (Xuzhou) Bioworks pilot research and development base in person, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the innovative development, talent introduction, and market expansion of Hegu life enterprises, and the company has made great achievements in the field of biosynthesis.

Hegu life extended a warm welcome to the leaders of the county Party committee and expressed heartfelt thanks for their long-term care and love for the company! First of all, the delegation visited the enterprise exhibition hall. During this period, the leaders of the company introduced in detail the development process, products, honors and future plans of Xuzhou Hegu life. Then the management team of the company introduced to the leaders of the county Party committee that Xuzhou Hegu life takes synthetic biology as the research basis, integrates and develops big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and comprehensively applies innovative technologies such as genetic engineering, enzyme engineering, metabolic engineering and fermentation engineering. It is committed to breaking through the limitations of natural evolution, with artificial design and genome writing as the core, and can design and build standard components or modules from the perspective of engineering according to specific needs. Through these components, the natural biological system is designed and transformed to establish a new and controllable artificial life. We use the diversity of existing substances in nature to build organisms with predictable and controllable genetic, metabolic or signal networks, and use this as a carrier to synthesize high-value natural products. The leaders of the county Party committee expressed great recognition for our products and looked forward to the future development of the company.
The company has first-class production and inspection facilities and workshops that fully meet the requirements of GMP standards, constantly improve the quality management system, strictly control the product quality in all links such as product research and development, raw material procurement, warehousing management, product production and sales, and is committed to becoming a leader and standard setter in the field of green bio intelligent manufacturing.

Secretary Wu and the governor of Suo County affirmed the achievements of Xuzhou Hegu life, and praised the concept of Hegu life using green biotechnology to make people and nature healthier. As a biosynthetic technology enterprise, Hegu life has strong strength, solid foundation and immeasurable development prospects.
Secretary Wu asked about the situation of technology research and development in detail, and spoke highly of the high standard of the laboratory and the meticulous working attitude of Xuzhou Hegu life staff.

7.At the end of the inspection, the company's leaders said that the Pei County People's government's visit was an affirmation and encouragement of the life work of Vertexyn (Xuzhou) Bioworks.With the support of the government,  Vertexyn (Xuzhou) Bioworks will also uphold the mission of using biosynthetic technology to make people and nature healthier, create greater value for society and make more contributions to the field of biological research.


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